Tuesday, 3 February 2015

January 2015 goals - Health and Fitness update

I'm pretty chuffed with how I did on my fitness goals! My health goals not so much...

They were:

- Focus on stabilising my blood sugar
- Keep as close to the meal plan when I'm back at work

- Run a 7k
- Do 10 proper push ups

Stabilising blood sugar
This did get better as the month went on, but I'm eating so many more sugary foods than I used to and it's not great. This is something I want to work harder at in February - need to define a goal that gets me a bit closer to blood sugar stabilisation.


Keep to the meal plan

This failed for 2 reasons. The first is that not having a kitchen, or any space to even cut vegetables, makes things almost impossible. The second is that all my stomach pain has thrown me sideways and I've been using the limited food choices I have as an excuse to eat rubbish. Sort it out, Emma!

Run a 7k

In the first week of January I smashed this and ran a 10k! That led me to signing up for the London Winter Run which was a massive fear for me. So this goal was well and truly ticked off! I love it when you set yourself goal at the start of the month, never thinking that you'll blow it out of the water :)

Do 10 proper push ups
Half tick.

So each week I added on an extra push up, starting at 5 in one go, and on the 31st January pushing it up to the final 10. And I did it, non-stop, without collapsing! However to say I'm properly doing them is a lie - I definitely don't go all the way down and up. Will keep on trying to improve these over February though :)


What were your health and fitness goals for the month?

 E x

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