Monday, 2 June 2014

Meals and gratitude #13

Phew, Monday's out of the way!

I always feel so overwhelmed on Mondays - like I have to do everything I need to do in the week on that one day. Stupid, right?!

My day started off really well eating-wise today. It didn't end great. I feel so stuffed I could explode.

Breakfast was delicious.

Bananas, frozen raspberries, chia seeds, peanut butter and chocolate mush. It also kept me full for ages!

I was still full at lunch time and so felt the desire to snack instead of eating. Ended up eating a chocolate biscuit, a slice of wholemeal toast, a heap of tortilla chips and a salad. I was stuffed, so I don't understand why I kept eating.

During the afternoon I was completely stuffed, but ate a peanut butter dipped date after a call which I was relieved was over (emotional eating much!?) and half a Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations chocolate bar. It's a new banana flavoured one that I'd wanted to try for ages, and I hadn't seen it anywhere. I'd bought it with the intention of leaving it for a day I was hungry...but I got too tempted. Whilst I was annoyed at myself, I did stop at half, and most of my eats today, whilst snacky and sometimes not necessary, were healthy. So I'm going to try and avoid beating myself up about it. Plus I STILL need to increase my calories. I could have eaten the entire chocolate bar and still been under the RDA!

Again, I ate too many different things that it wouldn't do a screenshot properly, so just the overview today. That chocolate bar took that sugar right over - in just half the bar it had 14g!

For exercise I did some yoga this morning and then, after not leaving the house, I did at least manage to walk the 40 minute round trip to Whole Foods...


- Getting the top rating in my mid year performance review at work

- The very friendly assistant in Whole Foods. Friendly = good salesman!

- The sun this morning

- Listening to a bit of a Louis Armstrong this evening :)

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