Sunday, 22 June 2014

Weekend round-up: revision - it's not fayre

Hi everyone!

I hope you have had wonderful weekends. The weather here has been so wonderful!

I've done something crazy this weekend - I've not calorie-counted! Yesterday it was more just because it wasn't practical, today it was a conscious decision. I wanted to really focus on plain old clean eating. And that's exactly what I've done :)

There were some dubious cakes and biscuits yesterday, and a few too many tortilla chips, but I also had good balanced meals of blueberries and yoghurt and big Pizza Express salad.

It was a local summer fayre yesterday which I went along to with the bf. I LOVE country fayres, they're just so cute. There were horse shows, dog shows (sooo cute), lots of food stalls, a fun fayre. I'm not a big fan of rides (nor am I sure that either of us would have fit in any of the seats - they were very kid orientated!), however the 2p and 10p slot machines...well that's a different kettle of fish!

We did pretty well, keeping going for a good half hour with just a couple of pounds (and at the rate we were shoving the coins in that's not bad!). We didn't get the £5 note though :(

We went to our usual Pizza Express for lunch, and then to a Sugarpova. This is a sweet shop owned by Maria Sharapova, selling some very brightly coloured sweets!

 I'm so excited for Wimbledon starting tomorrow! The sweets looked like quite good high-end sweets, however obviously full of a lot of rubbish. And quite pricey at £4 a bag! I didn't try one, but the smell of watermelon coming from one of the sweets my boyfriend tried was amazing, so I'm sure they're worth the price for a special Wimbledon-themed party or the like if you're fancying a treat :)

Yesterday evening I had the flat to myself, and in the Wimbledon spirit I had some frozen strawberries and...well, ok, yoghurt. I flavoured it with vanilla extract and agave and added some nuts to add a bit of extra yumminess.

Ate that whilst watching Celebrity Masterchef, and looking at new flats for when I have to move out. I also did some summer clothes shopping because the flights to Bali are officially sorted! I can't believe it's happening - I've never been somewhere quite as exotic as this so I'm ridiculously excited :)

Today started off in the most amazing way possible. Got up early and headed out for a short run. I decided to mix it up a bit and run a different route, mostly making it up as I went along. However it got to the point where I was going to turn off the Thames path to head home, and I just didn't want to. The weather was gorgeous, I was feeling ok, and so I kept on going. In the end I did 10k with 14 minutes of walking in there, and there were points I felt on top of the world. Such a great way to start my Sunday morning :)

I also refuelled with this beauty of a breakfast (and a lot of H2O since I'd not taken a water bottle with me on the run). Just the cooling meal I needed: frozen banana and raspberries with chia seed and peanut butter, and some rye bread with coconut oil on the side.

Today I had to do some revision for a project management exam I have tomorrow. Definitely not as fun as being out in the sun at a fun fayre! Made sure I rewarded myself with lots of dates dipped in peanut butter, and made this yummy salad for lunch.

I also nipped out for a wander to stretch my legs and picked up this coconut water. Perfect post-run refuel.

After lunch I don't know what happened but I couldn't keep my eyes open so had a bit of a siesta before cracking on with revision with this to keep me going.

I've now off to go and make myself a nice dinner :)

What have you been up to this weekend?

Do you like the slot machines?

Do you watch Wimbledon?

E x

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