Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Meals and gratitude #16

Hello! How have your days been?

I've had quite a straightforward day which has been nice - no particularly stressful meetings, good weather, healthy eats :)

Still not sleeping great, and it was a bit difficult getting up this morning, but a nice yoga session soon sorted me out. Even if I did have to use the bedspread as a yoga mat...

It wasn't great but it was better than the hard floor!

I'd made sure to get up a bit earlier this morning to ensure I had time to do this:

 Breakfast on the beach! It was actually blooming windy, but felt so special being able to eat in the sun and have some quiet me time before work. I had a massive tub of watermelon and pistachio nuts - such a good combination!

Spent a long time at lunch deciding what I was going to have for lunch and dinner - I'd forgotten how long it takes to scan all the ingredient labels to check for unhealthy additives, and how many products that rules out! Plus I'm always trying to get the right calorie total, protein balance etc...I know I'm stressing too much, but it's exhausting!

Pushed myself to have something with a few more calories so plumped for this salad:

I often have a similar salad to this which doesn't have the bean dip...and to be honest I preferred the other one. But this offers a lot of protein for its buck and was still pretty good!

Snacked on popcorn mid afternoon.

This was my dinner:

 Whilst I did well at having a larger lunch and a mid-afternoon snack, I made the mistake in the supermarket of then scaling down my dinner buys - I just bought the salad and cherries which only took my daily calories up to 1,000. So on the way back from work I picked up the porridge. A large proportion of my calories before the porridge had come from fat, and not many from carbs, so I wanted to readdress that balance. It's really hard in a supermarket! All the high carbs are things like bread (I have no idea what they put in their bakery breads - they could be full of additives!) or crisps (which would just add on extra fat). The porridge isn't particularly clean, but probably better than anything else. I bought a multi-grain option to minimise the oats which I'm allergic to.

Pretty over on the sugar, but mostly natural so I'm not going to beat myself up about it.


- The beautiful weather

- Early morning yoga

- A manager taking me aside and giving me some hints for applying for a permanent position at the company

What made you grateful today?

E x

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