Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday favourites #5

Hi guys!

Sorry this is up a bit later than usual. I've been so behind the last few days! But now it's Friday - hurrah!


Beautiful weather like we've got down in the South at the moment makes me want to go for picnics. Unfortunately I don't think there will be time this day!

Here are my favourite reads from the last few days - enjoy :)

Some great advice on how to make friends with food from the Guilty Kitchen.

I've never really tried juicing, mostly because it's not really appealed. I'd much rather have a smoothie and the fibre! But I can appreciate it might really work for some people. This great article from Food and Nonsense is one take on juicing

Ricki Heller's recipe for these herbed chickpea oven fries looks delish!

I love Magnum ice creams, but they're not exactly additive free. These perfect-for-a-summer-day-like-today-and-every-day treats look like an amazing substitute that might even trump the real thing. Thanks Peachy Palate!

All about comparing our food choices to others. The bit about women not wanting to be the first person to say what they're having in a restaurant is so true.

I'm absolutely pants at finding independent food places. I can't wait to try some of these healthy eateries, as recommended by Madeleine Shaw.

I'm a recent starter of yoga. I thought I'd hate it, and sure, there are better feelings than when I'm in downward dog, can't straighten my legs and my wrists feel like they're going to buckle...One of the areas I've noticed I'm most stiff is my legs and hips from running, which I hope to loosen through yoga. Here are even more reasons why runners should love yoga, courtesy of Energy We Bring.

I just love love love this article from Mommy Run Fast. When I learnt that calories in vs calories out doesn't always work a couple of years ago my mind was blown, and it really helped me on my start to recovery.

I hope you enjoy those little snippets!

Have a fabulous weekend!

E x

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