Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday motivation #4

Sometimes when faced with a 5 day week after a 4 day week I honestly don't know how I ever managed it...

However technically I'm off on Tuesday for the garden party! Tried my outfit on over the weekend and I'm really not sure about it, but it's too late now. The outfit is only one part of it so I'm not going to let the rest of it be ruined by that.

So, on to some Monday motivation!

This one's a cheesy one, but I felt it was necessary today.

How can you not feel motivated after that! I hope you were prancing around your bedroom boxing it out like I was (don't judge me).

I never read Dr Seuss as a child - I don't know why, no one ever introduced me to it - but now I find Dr Seuss quotes get me through life. As a graduation present I even bought my boyfriend a Dr Seuss book and annotated with all the usual information I thought it brought to life! I just love how they say things so simply, and are so accurate. I love this one - it shows that me have all the things we need in life to have control and direct our lives. So remember that this week when things are feeling a bit crazy!


I love baking, but in the summer I don't want anything quite as heavy as a triple chocolate fudge cake. Banana bread is perfect, and there are so many variations that you can always find a recipe that is healthy and fits your dietary needs. This one, from the amazing Peachy Palate, is gluten free and vegan :)

Hope your weeks all get off to a great start!

E x

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