Thursday, 12 June 2014

Simply gratitude

Just dropping in super quick. I'm on such a high after a really good therapy session!

I haven't really been tracking my eats today (say what?!). I had a really bad binge last night after I did my blog post, but today, once I got over feeling really queasy I've felt so good. And you know what? I've started noticing that that keeps happening - I put more food in my body, and my mood soars, even with all the shame and guilt. So that's what I need to keep doing - that simple thing of eating. Easier said than done, but recognising it is a massive step in the right direction :)

So I just want to chat reasons to be thankful today!

1) A more relaxed attitude in the office - always welcome

2) Strawberries again for breakfast. Nom nom nom.

3) It being so warm I get to be outside in just a t-shirt!

 4) Sitting outside in the sun drinking an Innocent Antioxidant smoothie, replying to work emails in style whilst waiting for my therapy appointment (with suitcase which I then had to carry up 3 flights of stairs to my therapists...there's my workout for the day).

5) An amazing therapy appointment. I don't know why it was so good - we just seemed to cover so much stuff, and hit on so many things that made me go "wait, that makes me feel something". I'm slowly starting to realise that actually my eating patterns could have so little to do with food (...)

6) Stepping off the tube to come home. I love love love where I live - it feels so removed from London and is so beautiful!

7) Getting back in time to stop off at the village's organic wholefood store. It's so quaint and lovely :) And I treated myself to some CoYo chocolate yoghurt. Love. That. Stuff.

8) Great catch-ups with my flatmate.


Let's hope it continues :)

Hope your days were just as fabulous!

E x

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