Monday, 9 June 2014

Meals and gratitude #15

Thank god my room has air con! Once again I'm staying in a different hotel, and it was such a relief to walk in to the stuffy room and turn round to find an a/c unit. I'm a November baby, I'm not designed for this crazy hot English weather we're having in the South!

I woke up this morning after a pretty rough night's sleep - probably a mix of the hot weather and bad dreams - but still pushed myself out for a run. I took it pretty easy and did more walking than I would usually like, however I didn't beat myself up about it too much though as I knew I was dehydrated, tired and fighting high pollen levels!

For breakfast I had some frozen banana (aaalmost as good as when I have time to blend it up in to soft serve!) topped with peanut butter ("da bomb"), flaxseed, nuts and coconut. Honestly so good!

 Attack of my flatmate's chili plants!

I also had a slice of my protein bread (the recipe was adapted from this one from Purely Twins - you can find my adaptations in today's Monday Motivation post. It's honestly so good. So full of goodness, packed with protein and it doesn't leave you with the same gross feeling that you get after eating standard supermarket bread. I don't know whether it's the wheat, sugar, or additives, but the supermarket stuff always makes me feel a bit meh afterwards (although during eating it I love it - toast is one of my favourite comfort foods!).

This morning I had really bad feelings of anxiety. I had some meetings I wasn't looking forward to but I was getting far too worked about them. It was making my stomach churn, so I used the mindfulness technique my therapist taught me, and drank some peppermint tea.

Lunch was a bit tricky as I had no fresh food left in the flat - I'd eaten it all up in preparation for being away for work this week. So I snacked on the rest of my protein bread, peanut butter, and tahini-dipper date.

At the train station I also picked up this fruit Yo Yo as an afternoon snack. I love the little fact cards you get in them! I know they're designed for kids, but it doesn't stop my excitement!

 As I'm staying in a hotel again this week it's unfortunately back to the supermarket food. I can find this challenging, and often spend a painful amount of time looking at the options, scrutinising over labels, trying to figure out the best choices. There weren't really any veggie options so in the end I plumped for a chicken salad and picked out the chicken...the efforts I go to for my vegetarianism (although I was actually pretty annoyed about having to put my money into something that promoted the killing of meat ). I also picked up some extra salad leaves to boost the veg aspect, and some cucumber sticks with tzatziki and yummy savoury seeds. The tzatziki wasn't perfectly unprocessed, but it wasn't as bad as I thought.

I made an effort today to have proper meals and eat more. I ended up eating the usual 1,000kcal plus what I burnt off on my run. And I'm fairly happy with the healthiness of what I ate. There was a bit too much fat (it made up 50% of my calories today...) but I feel nicely satisfied and without any sugar crash or stomach discomfort :)


- Working from home this morning - it's so much nicer than getting up and dragging myself on to a train down to the South Coast super early

- The fact that the temperature was a bit cooler this morning for my run

- The sunshine

- Air con in my room!

- Finding out Tina from Carrots 'n' Cake has finally popped and given birth to a healthy baby boy! Before reading blogs I never realised how close you can get to the people behind the blogs I read, and how much happiness you can feel for them. I'm so over the moon for Tina and her family :)

What made you grateful today?

E x

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