Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weekend round-up

Hi guys!

It doesn't seem very long ago since I was doing the last one of these!

Yesterday was pretty tough. I had the worst feelings of self-hate that I've had for some time. Don't know where it came from, but it hit hard. I didn't want to be seen by anyone (I nearly even cancelled plans with my boyfriend) and I just wanted to stop eating. But I'm so much stronger than I was before, so I forced myself to keep going, made sure I walked with good posture and confidence, put some summer tunes on loud, and kept on making healthy food. It wasn't a walk in the park, but doing the opposite would have been pointless.

I still managed to pack a fair bit in over the last couple of days despite me being a bit down.

On Saturday I got up for a long yoga session which felt amazing. The back of my legs and shoulders in particular always feel so tight. I then headed in to Richmond for a bit of a wander in the sunshine with a trip to Whole Foods (obviously!). Picked up a massive tub of Meridian smooth peanut butter, which I just love, and am hoping I make it last and don't just sit there with a spoon one day and eat it all!

In the afternoon I went over to my boyfriend's and took this beautiful face out for a walk. I swear she runs about 10 times the distance we walk! There was a random guy playing the trumpet in the middle of the common, and Millie kept running up to him and barking - poor guy :-/

We spent the rest of the evening watching Big Bang Theory (I LOVE that programme) and other random bits of TV whilst preventing Millie from chewing everything in sight!

Woke up this morning to glorious sunshine and headed out for a 5.5 mile run. The path along the Thames was stunning, but I did nearly melt into a puddle. I looked like a beetroot by the time I got back!

The rest of my day has been super lovely. I went up to the monthly Kew Market this morning and just wandered round looking at all the amazing local businesses.

And there was some cracking live music playing which really added to the atmosphere.

Whilst I was there I nipped into the local village organic wholefoods store, which is just the cutest thing ever, and picked up some flaxseed and soya tortilla chips and some coconut water.

Went and sat on Richmond Green whilst I waited for the boyfriend to arrive and just watched all the super cute families playing (and in some cases throwing frisbees dangerously close to my head!).

Went to Zizzi's for some lunch and had about half of a skinny primavera pizza. I love how they serve them on a wholemeal base with salad :) Afterwards we stretched our legs along the river and made the most of the sunshine.

We also found another little market called the Duck Pond market. It had a great selection of food and craft stalls - was a real little find :)

Finished off with a coffee(/tea for me!) at Costa :)

I've been pretty happy with what I've eaten this weekend! There have been some super yummy breakfasts.

This was frozen banana and raspberries, with homemade chocolate mush, tahini and flaked almonds.

And this was CoYo chocolate coconut yoghurt (I'm seriously addicted), banana, frozen raspberries and peanut butter. One of the yummiest things I've ever eaten!

Have also had a couple of salads.

Both were a combination of spinach, pepper, cucumber, beetroot, chickpeas and tahini dressing. Today I also had the flaxseed and soya tortilla crips which were absolutely amazing!


Tina and her rather large 39-weeks-and-counting-bump from Carrots 'N' Cake are doing a photo-a-day challenge for the month of June in partnership with Staples. I love having the motivation to get snappy, even if I do just have my phone camera on me, so I thought I'd get involved. For the full list of daily themes head over to the Carrots 'N' Cake blog. I'm excited to see a heap of baby-related photos from her over the next month :)

Today's theme is "Rabbit, rabbit! What brings you good luck?"

For me the number 23 represents good luck. It was my bag number on one of the most exciting trips of my life, features in one of my childhood favourite films (anyone watched Serendipity?! It's the floor they choose in the lift!), was my room number in the hotel I stayed in the night before the interview for my current job. It just makes me feel safe :)

Keep check of my Twitter and Instagram accounts for my daily photos for the challenge, and let me know if you decide to get involved too!

What makes you feel lucky?

Hope you all had lovely weekends :)

E x

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