Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Meals and gratitude #18

Geez Louise it's hot!


I'm definitely missing my room that had air con from last week - I'm having some serious "moisture control" issues right now!

Thankfully it was much cooler when I went for my run this morning!

Eats today have been pretty good, bar one slip up at lunch.

Started my day with a delicious simple breakfast of strawberries and nuts.

 Why eat out of a bowl when you can eat out of a mug right?! (Plus I don't have a bowl...)

Lunch was a rainbow salad which had all kinds of goodness: couscous, seeds, salad, veg, pomegranate. Yum. I also had a cheese and onion roll (I couldn't find them on My Fitness Pal but they work out as about the same nutritional information). That's what happens when you go food shopping hungry. Was pretty annoyed with myself!

 I had the popcorn as an afternoon snack.

Dinner was a greek salad which is always such a great dinner when the weather's like this :) Also had some medjool dates, just because - felt bad about just randomly eating them.

The roll blew my fat out and the dates had a massive impact on the sugar! Far, far too much!

Still got a long way to go in terms of getting balanced.


- As always when the sun's out - the weather!

- Making new connections at work with really lovely people

- Seeing the seagulls this morning dropping closed shells on to the ground from where they were flying to crack them open for the goodies inside - I've never seen that before!

What made you smile today?

E x

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