Monday 23 June 2014

Monday motivation #7

Hi guys!

This is going to be a long week for me. It starts off with the exam today, I have a heap of work to do, I've got not only my therapy appointment on Thursday but a dietician appointment this evening, and I have to do a job application for Friday to allow me to stay at my current company...

So my blog posts might be a bit on the light side this week - I apologise now. I'll try and keep up with my daily round-up, and will of course be on Twitter and Instagram!

However I still wanted to provide you guys with some motivation this Monday morning (and I sure need it too!)

I do indeed hope you have a nice day :)

When I saw this on pinterest this weekend it instantly made me think. We never see the negative things we say to ourselves as "nasty". But sometimes we can be ridiculously nasty to ourselves. How about we try and stop all that negativity and tell ourselves how fantastic we are?! Because we are ALL absolutely amazing and unique and each and every one of us can be a gift to this world if we realise this :)

Pretty much 24/7 the air has been filled with the smells of BBQs this weekend. I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE the smell of BBQs. I know I shouldn't: as a veggie/almost vegan the smell of cooking meat should repulse me, but it really doesn't! I was going to post some amazing image of a vegan BBQ, but then I saw THIS! Healthy fruit can just look so darn pretty.

How amazing is that?! If anyone has a go at recreating this then pleeeease send me photos - it looks so much fun :)

Hope that's left you feeling motivated for the week. Have a great Monday!

E x

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