Monday, 16 June 2014

Meals and gratitude #17

Happy Monday! This week's going to be awesome right!?

I've had lady hormone tears (sorry, too much information) to the max today. Yesterday my flatmate/landlady told me she's going to have her boyfriend move in to the flat and that therefore my lease will come to an end at the beginning of September. That's always been on the cards, and I've been expecting it for a while, however I was pretty gutted. It's the first place I've lived since moving down to London that has actually felt like home - the flat, its location, my flatmate, Coco the cat were all perfect - and the feeling of having roots somewhere and belonging is such an underrated feeling!

That, in my hormone-mess, just led to a whole cascade of feelings that I couldn't deal with life, everything was too much...what a doofus!


Yes I think what I have right now is perfect, but the push to change will help me to get to experience something new, meet new people, and live something I otherwise wouldn't have had the chance to live. That's a gift, surely?

I had an amazing breakfast this morning. Banana and peanut butter rye bread sandwich (which would be amazing in itself) plus strawberries plus THE most amazing plum! A few years ago I was on holiday with my family in Italy and we ate fresh plums of the trees there, and that plum took me straight back there. Super delicious.

Lunch was the usual nutty salad from M&S. Starting to get a bit bored of M&S salads since I eat them so often!

Had one too many roasted nuts as an afternoon snack - not helping my "rebalance carbs and fat" aim, but so good!

Dinner was a beetroot salad and some amazingly juicy blueberries. Plus the little hotel biscuits.

Woah there on the fiber! In the end I was at 44% carbs, 43% fat, and13% protein. Better than some days but I still want to up the carbs to 50% and reduce the fat to 30% and see if that makes me feel any better.

- Support from my line manager regarding a job application

- Getting to sit in first class on the train due to it being cheaper than second class

- Breakfast this morning!

How's your day been?

E x

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