Monday, 16 June 2014

Monday motivation #6

Time to start another week! Here's some motivation to make sure this one's a good one:

This song is another one off my current running playlist, and it is SO motivational. I sometimes just put it on at points in the day when I need to believe I'm more awesome than I'm currently thinking I am.

This is so true. We always seem to be so fearful of pain and hardship, but this is what makes us stronger, helps us appreciate the good times, and grow to become the best we can.


Right now in this glorious, but rather hot, weather all I'm craving for breakfast are either smoothies or banana softserve. This is a basic recipe for banana softserve, but Ari's Menu has the AMAZING idea of adding whipped coconut milk on top, which looks divine :) It's full of potassium from the bananas and coconut, so a great post-exercise refuel.


Hope your weeks get off to an amazing start!

What's getting you going this Monday?

E x

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