Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday favourites #3

Happy Friday everyone! *breathes a sigh of relief for a 3 day weekend*


I have to say it makes life much better when you take a Wednesday off - the end of the week comes round so quickly!

As usual, here are some of my favourites from across the web this week. So kick back and enjoy :)

This is a bit of a shocker. No wonder we have messed up perceptions of what a healthy body is.

It seems so fitting to me that tears are as unique as snowflakes. Fascinating read.

Man do I wish that I had the Real Life RD sat on my shoulder all day, telling me lots of health facts. She's just awesome.

This is just so fun! Plus it involves peanut butter, so automatic win.

Since my phone has been broken I've felt a little bit lost. Maybe I'm too addicted and should try a tech detox.

Not only is this picture beautiful, but the words in the description are just inspiring.

Why imperfection is beautiful, from the lovely Laura at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish.

I thought this was interesting. I've recently started doing some very basic yoga, and I love it. I'd be interested to know if any of you with eating disorders have found it therapeutic in any way.

Run Eat Repeat talks about binging.

I hope you all enjoy your long weekends and that we get some sunshine!

E x

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