Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday favourites #3

Happy Friday everyone! Hasn't it come round quick?


Here's a round up of all my favourite reads from the last week. Hope you enjoy!

I love love love the Real Life RD's WIAWs - I get so much from reading them :) This week's was a good read all about calorie counting

A perfect explanation of why the "perfect" body often means a horrible life.

I love all of Chocolate Covered Katie's food, but this savoury dish made me druel.

I love all of Roni's posts, and she does a fab job of showing the importance of loving our bodies, and also how tough that can be. I think she looks amazing in the picture in this post, and I love the video.

This is so interesting, on crying! I used to be like a stone - I refused to cry at anything. Now I cry at everything and anywhere.

An interesting idea that clean eating is seen by some as a "fad diet"

Have lovely Fridays!

E x

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