Monday, 19 May 2014

Meals and gratitude #6

Wow, today has been loooong.

My brain is pretty mushed so I'll keep this brief!

Was happy with my eats, until I walked the 2 miles back to the hotel (am staying in a different hotel this week). I was hot, and tired, and there were biscuits in my hotel room. And they were in my mouth before I knew what was happening. It probably would have been avoided if I'd eaten more during the day so didn't have a massive energy crash. Overall I ended up a bit heavy on the fat, due to the nuts (not too bothered as healthy fats) and the biscuits (more bothered):

Fats: 49%, Carbs 41%, Protein 10%


- These were on the desk that I was working at today. I hope they help the person sat there as much as they touched me today:

- I'm finally getting closer to getting a new phone. I'm trying to negotiate a deal that's cheaper than the one I'm on, but I really miss having a decent phone that takes decent pictures and has actual apps! Fingers crossed not too long now :)

- Leaving my coat at home. Felt so wrong but so good!

How was the start to your week? What made you grateful today?

Hope you all have lovely evenings :)

E x

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