Friday, 2 May 2014



I'm Emma and welcome to my blog!

For 7 years I've been dealing with disordered eating. Over the last 18 months, through learning about nutrition and healthy eating by reading blogs, I have seen massive improvements in my views towards food. I have finally started to realise that food is nourishment rather than the enemy! Blogs written by inspirational people who've described their journeys through recovery have taught me a lot about disordered eating, helped me reflect on my behaviours, and have been a significant crutch in helping me when times have been at their toughest.

 I want to add to that support network.

Through my blog I want to show my completely honest journey of gaining control of my eating behaviours again. From seeking support from the NHS, to nourishing myself properly, and to exercising sensibly. I also want to show the days where I'm not feeling so great: when I may have binged, or have no energy as a result from restricting - so that maybe I can show others that they are not alone!

However I hope this blog is more than just disordered eating - after all, my aim is to eventually live a life without those disorders! I want this blog to also show how healthy eating can be enjoyable, and that a healthy lifestyle brings more than just physical happiness. All with the goal of getting to a place where we all glow inside and out, mentally and physically!

If you ever have any questions then just leave a comment, and I'll sure to be get back to you (if you'd rather send me a private email, just let me know)!

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