Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Meals and gratitude #2

Hi everyone!

Hope you had good days. The weather was lovely here and it made such a difference to my mood.

Here's my eating breakdown for today:

This is typical of me "panic restricting". As you can see I ate SO MANY nuts this morning. And then I thought "right, you can barely eat the rest of the day". How stupid. Firstly, yes, I may have had a few too many nuts, but nuts have so many nutrients in them, and whilst I have gone way over on fat (when you bear in mind I didn't eat as many calories as I should), they're healthy fats. And by then restricting the rest of the day I still made myself undereat in terms of calories, depriving myself of so many other essential vitamins and minerals. I even contemplated not having any lunch.

But the good thing in this? I talked myself into lunch, my calories are still way higher than they used to be, and I'm seeing how stupid I'm being. Writing things down is really helpful to make me question why I did or felt certain things, and then trying to overcome them.

For exercise I went out for a half hour jog this morning, and racked up 7,974 steps throughout the rest of the day.


- Walking home today I had that big burst of happiness where you just feel like you're going to explode. I was so glad to be out of work, my exercise was done for the day, and this song

came on my MP3 player whilst I was walking in this beautiful sunshine


- Also grateful for finding a phone shop to fix my phone (I broke the screen after sticking it down my bra for an hour long run - sweat and phones don't get on). Being without my phone just got too much and this shop's guy actually seemed professional!

- Grateful for waking up to this this morning - definitely helps you get out for a run:

 - Thankful for having slept like a log last night

What was your favourite meal today? What made you grateful?

E x

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