Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Meals and gratitude #7

Today has been a bit of a disaster *sigh*

I nearly cried when I added up my calories today. Let’s just say that after a very stressful meeting, I was stress-eating those nuts. I think they were gone in a matter of seconds. And I got home late from work and just desperately wanted to eat, but out of stress rather than hunger. And I know I'm still under what I should be eating, but I just wanted to not eat and have control of life again.

I feel disgusting and disappointed in myself, and I know I shouldn't. I know I'm tired and stressed and these are the perfect conditions for negative thoughts to thrive. And you know what? What I ate was pretty healthy. Again, a bit too heavy on the fats but it could have been worse. And tomorrow I'll wake up, eat healthy and reset. These thoughts shouldn't affect us. My day's been rubbish - why should I let it affect me any more than it already has by letting it me to damaging things to my body and feel rubbish?

I did some beginner’s yoga this morning and totalled 8,900 steps. 

Even today I can find things I'm grateful for: 

- That I’m home and tomorrow I’m on leave :)

- I got a follow-up blood test to check that my iron and B12 levels have improved booked

- My bus getting me to the train station seconds before my train left – that’s an extra half an hour earlier that I’ll be home than if I’d missed it

- Yoga this morning – I’m starting to crave that time of peaceful, non-stressful exercise to wake up to

- Good feedback from my line manager (even after I told him about the disaster of a day I was having!)
How were your Tuesdays? Hopefully better than mine!

E x

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