Thursday, 22 May 2014

Meals and gratitude #8

Today I went to an introduction session with a therapist. We didn't barely talk about much other than my basic problems, and how they worked, but I was mentally exhausted by the time I finished! I'll write more in a separate blog post.

I was fairly happy with my eats today. I had the same smoothie as yesterday with cherries, banana and spinach. It got some odd looks from people in the office when they saw the colour!

Lunch was pesto gluten-free pasta with kale and pepper, and I had a Nakd bar as a snack mid-afternoon.

Currently sat in Pret eating sweet and salty popcorn, which is just what I needed, and then I'll have probably have a couple of things when I get home. There won't be time for a proper dinner before bed!

I think on the whole I haven't gone crazy, and have been pretty healthy :)

I've been grateful for a few things today:

- The therapist being nice!

- Having time with my manager FINALLY to get some questions answered

- A bit of a resolution to some difficulties we've been having on my work project

- Being in London and seeing my colleagues' lovely faces :)

- My new smoothie tumbler for taking smoothies to work. LOVE IT!

- A crazy thunder storm!

How were your Thursdays?

E x

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