Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A "use your imagination" What I Ate Wednesday

Half way through the week! Love a bank holiday for making the week speed by :)

I'm a list person. I would spend an hour writing a list of all the lists I needed to make if I could! And I like planning. When I organised my Dad's birthday this weekend it took me hours, and I had everything planned to within the minute. So satisfying!

So I wanted to apply that to the blog, planning out a rough guideline of what kinds of posts you can expect each day of the week. Each day I'll still show my eats and my exercise, how I'm feeling etc. too, but i don't want them to be the main focus of all of my posts. A lot of the ideas are adapted from some of my favourtie bloggers, and I'm going to put together a list of all the blogs that have taught me most about nutrition, motivated me to recovery, and that I just find downright amusing! That way you can gain all of their wisdom too! Anyway, let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to include on a regular basis.

Motivation Monday: A little pep talk to get you out of your nice comfy bed and ready for the week

"Tuesday": OK, so my creative juices ran out with the alliteration for Tuesday. Tuesdays will be whatever's going round my head at the time - might be a review of a new-to-me product, random ramblings, or to answer specific questions you guys ask

What I Ate Wednesday: A run down of my eats for the day, showing the thoughts behind my choices and focussing on the nutritional elements of the meals

Thursday Thoughts: My thoughts/views/experiences of a specific aspect of eating disorders, with a focus on recovery

Friday Favourites: Links to some of my favourite social media finds of the week for your delectation

Weekend Round Up: A Sunday summary of my weekend, which I promise won't just be me sat in my PJs watching Storage Hunters and QI on repeat ALL the time (guilty as charged)

Anyhoo, on to What I Ate Wednesday (see Peas and Crayons' blog for the low down on its creation and amazingness).

Technically you're meant to photo your eats for the day, but, eh, my phone has been broken for the last few weeks (here's some life advice: never stick your phone down your bra for an hour long run...) so you'll just have to use your imagination.

I really pushed myself to eat more today. And you know what? It was more than yesterday, so definitely in the right direction. There were definitely some guilt feelings afterwards though, but not as bad as I've felt in the past. And why should I feel guilty?! I'm still not eating ENOUGH rather than OVEREATING!

I made sure to have some nuts with my apple at breakfast to make sure that there was protein to help slow down the release of the sugars in the apple. Nuts used to be something that I would never eat as they were too calorific and fatty, but they're packed full of so much goodness, and the fats are good fats! Plus nut butters are one of my favouritest things in the world (fyi, it's ok to use a non-word like favouritest when you love something THAT much).

I normally avoid pasta as I try and keep my gluten intake down but it was the only salad in Tesco that didn't have too much added sugar and rubbish in it. Plus I hadn't had any other gluten today. It was actually pretty good, with chickpeas, beetroot, edamame beans, broccoli - lots of exciting good stuff! The Nakd bar was my treat for the day as they're quite high in sugar in relation to their calories.

I got the smoothie for some flax seed omega goodness - these smoothies have a few added punches of nutrition than the usual ones, and it was actually really yummy!

I'm on a strawberry kick from the weekend. I don't normally like them, but I had the yummiest organic ones at the weekend and I needed another fix. These ones weren't quite as good, but they gave me a good antioxidant boost.

Exercise today was a run along the beach (just under a 5k) this morning, which was a beaut, and then I totalled another 8,500 steps throughout the day.

Feel quite happy with the nutrition of my eating today - just need to curb that sugar intake!

Enjoy the rest of your evenings :) x

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