Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday favourites


Guys, today I got through an entire box of tissues. AN ENTIRE BOX! I don’t know whether it’s super bad hayfever, or a cold, but I’m streaming like there’s no tomorrow. I’m currently on my way back up North to Cheshire to spend the weekend with my parents (Mum and I have the very important matter of dress shopping to attend to) and because I used all my tissues today, I am sat here with an ENTIRE toilet roll on my knee, literally unravelling it as I sneeze and sniffle.
Today I had my introductory session at the Richmond Wellbeing Service. I’ll write a full post on this next week, but it’s such a well thought out service! Anyway, the whole session was lovely and calming (one of the main things the service aims to treat is anxiety), from the classical music when you entered, to the serene white walls, and the soothing voice of the practitioner. And then there was me, sat right in the centre of the room, sneezing, blowing my nose, rustling around in my bag. SO embarrassing! 

Anyway, today I want to share some of my favourite things I found across t’interweb this week. I hope they make you smile, cry and think as much as they made me do!

This was just heart wrenchingly beautiful. My family have lost someone to breast cancer of the liver, and I’m sure any of you who have seen lost someone to cancer will be able to relate to this.

Such a brilliant demonstration of just how common (to the extent we probably don’t even notice it anymore) unnecessary comments about women appear in the press.

If only I had this many pairs of running shoes, then I too would lie on them #runnersdream, from Run Eat Repeat.

This happened in London this week. Personally I think it’s a fab idea.

I love me some ways of happiness making, particularly when it’s got some evidence by it.

Well said, from Madeleine Shaw.

So true, from Kimberly Snyder

Eating wise today I’ve struggled to get healthy stuff in me. I started off well using some frozen fruit for a smoothie, but I had no other fresh produce in since I’d been away all week, and I didn’t want to buy any more since I wasn’t going to be there this weekend. When I work from home I also snack eat, and then panic and end up not having dinner. I don’t feel happy with my eats today, I do feel panicky, as I always do when I’ve not had a routie to structure my eats around. 

Exercise hasn't been too bad: went for a half hour run first thing, and did another 5,000 steps throughout the rest of the day.

Enjoy your weekends!

E x

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