Thursday, 15 May 2014

Meals and gratitude #4

Today has been a stressful day of eating!

I was at an away day today where lunch was provided and there wasn't a piece of fruit in sight. I hated having no control, and cheese sandwiches being the only vegetarian option. None of those are actually bad things: cheese is a good source of protein, and I chose a wholemeal bun, but it was the fact that it was being forced upon me, and that made me panicky.

Everyone went for dinner after the away day, but I avoided it - I just couldn't face another enforced eating situation. Unfortunately it meant I missed out on a really good social situation as a result. What I did record for dinner was the start of a massive urge to binge. I don't know what caused it (maybe the nutrient lacking lunch made me unsatisfied?) but I haven't had the urge to binge in that way before. But, the key thing is, I stopped it. I didn't give in to my urges.

Still, a pretty dire day in terms of nutrition!

Today was a rest day for exercise, but I did manage 7,000 steps which I was impressed with bearing in mind I was sat down for the majority of the day.


Despite my eating, I had many things to be grateful for today:

- The weather (surprise surprise - but it was another beaut!)

- Having a peppermint tea at Pret this morning whilst I did some work before the away day. Working in a coffee shop never really seems like working!

- Getting to see some colleagues I hadn't seen in ages

- Having a lovely evening chatting with my flatmate. She's a star!

What have you been grateful for today?

E x

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