Thursday, 29 May 2014

Meals and gratitude #11

A bit of a late post due to getting home late and a few technical issues. Why don't computers just do what they're told?!

Felt good to be back in a routine today, and have been really happy with my eats :)

I grabbed lunch on my way into work so it was just whatever I got find in Sainsbury's. I love this almond medley: it's a mix of roasted, normal and blanched almonds and it's just delicious :)

Lunch was a veggie chili I made yesterday with black beans, veg and chili. Had a good kick to it!

Not the prettiest looking dish though.

Still felt hungry after this, and needed to pop out of the office for some fresh air, so went and bought some popcorn.

Also had a Nakd bar later on.

Got home after my therapy session and the organic food shop was still open in Kew so went and got some more chocolate coconut yoghurt and had with frozen blackberries when I got home. It's just the best combination ever!

I know I didn't eat as much as I should have done but I think it was a reaction to the last few days.

One of things that was discussed in my therapy session today was trying to eat proper meals at set times rather than snacking. This scares me as a proper meal is a  large calorie commitent that I'm fearful to make all in one go. But I know it's something that I've got to move towards, so I'm going to make a real effort this week. I've already planned two of my meals for tomorrow so that should help.


- Having time to check through social media on my way into work on the train this morning

- Yoga first thing - I always feel so good afterwards!

- Chocolate CoYo - honestly so good :)

- The two young kids reading the newspaper on the tube back home this evening.

E x

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