Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May reviews

I can't believe it's the last full week in May! *pulls her stress face*

I've got so much happening with work over the next couple of months, and for ages I've been thinking "it'll be fine, it's months off" and now suddenly it's only 4 weeks away - argh!

There are a few new-to-me products that I've tried this month and I wanted to tell you about. I'm someone who is so easily persuaded to buy things that other people have tried and recommended, but am always hesitant to just buy willynilly off the shelves. So hopefully my views will help! Shampoo and Deodorant

I'd seen products in Holland and Barrett for ages, but had never really given them much thought. Recently I've been paying more attention to the beauty products I use as I don't want to overload my liver with toxins from things I'm putting on my skin. I've always been dubious about how good these more natural products would be, but I'd seen a couple of people in the blogosphere use products, including Laura from Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish, and my flatmate's a big fan.

I was SO impressed with these products! I got the Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo, and the vitamin E deodorant.

The shampoo didn't leave my hair feeling greasy at all, and actually left it really soft and glossy, which I wasn't expecting! The smell is quite herbal, and I don't think it lathers quite as well as normal shampoos, but I love it.

I took the deodorant for a pretty good road test on a long sweaty run and I noticed no difference between this and my normal deodorant. I was expecting a complete disaster, to smell gross and to be literally dripping, but I feel confident wearing this deodorant.

Both are quite expensive, but I will definitely be sticking to these products as I'm willing to pay a bit extra for something that's better for me and just as effective! I definitely recommend these products if you're looking for more natural skincare.

CoYo raw chocolate coconut milk yoghurt


Co Yo coconut milk is 100% dairy and gluten free, but still containing all of the active biocultures you find in normal yoghurt to keep your digestive system ticking along.

I tried the plain coconut yoghurt last year, and wasn't so much a fan, however when I tried this chocolate versionmy brain almost exploded from the yumminess! I had it with frozen blackberries, and it should be made law that everyone has to try this. The cat may not look impressed, but believe me it was amazing!

The only sugar in this is from xylitol so there's far less sugar than in normal flavoured yoghurts. It's a bit pricey, but for a treat it's a definite must-have-again. I've only ever seen these in Whole Foods so you may have to shop around.

Innocent Antioxidant super smoothie

I used to steer away from anything green! Nowadays, knowing the health benefits of the green stuff, and getting my palette more accustomed to the flavours, I can't get enough of my greens.

I saw this when I was desperate for a bit of a sugar boost a while ago, and thought I'd give it a go. It's got a lot of sugar in, as most smoothies do, but it's got some added benefits such as flax seeds to give you a bit of an extra omega 3 boost. I love the flavour and thickness of this smoothie, and the added nutrients from the wheatgrass and flax seeds make it an even better choice over your average smoothie. The quantities of those extra ingredients are quite small, so I'm not sure how much nutritional benefit you're getting, but I'll definitely be having this again.

Have you ever tried any of these products before? Do any of them take your fancy?

Hope you all have lovely days :)
E x


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